National Reading Plan – Plano Nacional de Leitura 2027 (Portugal)

The new phase of Portuguese Reading Plan for 2017-2027  aims to support and promote programs especially aimed at promoting social integration through reading, in different formats; the training of different segments of the population – children, young people and adults; the inclusion of people with specific needs; the articulated development of a scientific, literary and artistic culture; and access to knowledge and culture through information and communication technologies. Within the scope of its attributions, and in compliance with the Government’s Program, the areas of local authorities, culture, science, technology and higher education and education, the development of an integrated policy to promote reading, writing and multiple literacies, namely, cultural, scientific and digital.

To this end, the Program for the Promotion of Reading, the Network of Living Science Centers, the National Network of Public Libraries, the Network of School Libraries and the libraries of higher education institutions are directly responsible.

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