Book Recommendations


The development of, a book recommendation site for all ages, is an initiative of the Dutch Language Union (Nederlandse Taalunie) in collaboration with the Dutch Reading Foundation (Stichting Lezen Nederland) and its Flemish counterpart (Stichting Lezen Vlaanderen). helps readers to choose from the books on offer, and is designed to tempt young people to read and discover new books, genres that the reader is less familiar with and less obvious book choices.

Title suggestion occurs on the basis of readers’ interests and characteristics (which we record during intake interviews) and reading preferences.


Book Trust helps pupils as they grow and develop throughout secondary school with even more book choices. Bookbuzz.

Use the bookfinder of Book Trust to find the best books for you and your family. You can search by age and by theme to find great books for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, 5-8-year-olds, 9-12-year-olds, teenagers, young adults and adults. Try the Bookfinder.


Children’s Books Ireland reviews books for children and young people aged 0-18. You will find reviews ( and feature articles ( alongside our annual Inis Reading Guide ( highlighting all the very best books in any given year, presented by age groups and with dedicated sections for poetry and non-fiction titles.


You can find books, inspected and evaluated by experts of Stiftung Lesen, for babies, children and youngsters at You can search for age, topic, target or keyword.

The SIKJM review database contains reviews of children and youth media since 1998. It is edited by the SIKJM. The reviews come mainly from the specalist journal “Buch & Maus”. There is a search function for better navigation through the vast database.

Additionally, the SIKJM provides a short selection of German-language new publications for children and young people on a variety of topics and areas. The tip lists are regularly updated and supplemented.

French is a reference site dedicated to francophone youth literature. The Ricochet website was launched in 1998 by the International Center for Studies in Youth Literature (CIELJ). In 2012, CIELJ was dissolved and officially handed over the Ricochet site to the Swiss Institute for Youth and Media  (ISJM), which has been managing the project since 2010.

Polish is the largest book website and social network for readers in Poland. The website provides space and open forum for debate and discussion on numerous topics related to literature. Additionally, readers have an opportunity to review and rank any book they’ve read, obtain book-related news and purchase publications.


Here you can find the list of all selected books by experts from the National Reading Plan. There is a search engine that will help in the selection of the books.  PNL2027 Book List

Each month the National Reading Plan recomends some books. Find here the recommendations.

In the Digital Library you can find a collection of books approved by the National Reading Plan.