Foreningen !les (Norway)

Foreningen !les (Association Read) takes readers seriously, regardless of age, gender, reading experience or geographic location. The work to ensure that a wide range of the latest Norwegian and translated publications are made available to everyone. Foreningen !les aims to give children and young adults the opportunity to have an opinion about literature that has been written especially for them.
Foreningen !les’ main goal is to inspire children, young adults and adults to read more, by:

  • making contemporary literature available for target Groups
  • giving children and young adults an arena for reading, writing and having an opinion about literature
  • giving teachers tools for working with contemporary literature in classrooms and in collaboration with students
  • developing an intermediary role in schools and libraries
  • drawing attention to reading role models


Through its work, Foreningen !les aims to give readers:

  • access to quality literature within different genres and in different formats
  • channels for expressing their opinions, critical reading and conversations about literature
  • improved skills to reflect upon and put literature into a larger context
  • help to establish good reading habits
  • tools for making active use of literature in schools, libraries, workplaces and during spare time

Furthermore, Foreningen !les connects readers with literature and facilitates literary conversations and reading experiences. They work closely with children, young adults, teachers, librarians, authors and publishers, as well as literary organisations and networks in multiple European countries.