Covid-19 Activities

Covid19 Activities

Lydia Grünzweig from Buchklub Austria shares the following clip with us:



Joëlle from Medienzentrum in Belgium shares the following video with us:



Elaina from Children Books Irland has the following video for us:

We are Children’s Books Ireland and we’re working for a future where every child is a reader.
Where the joy of reading is felt by all children on the island of Ireland, regardless of their circumstances.
Reading has the power to change lives. It builds empathy, improves mental wellbeing and is a more powerful factor in life achievement than socio-economic background.
Reading helps us to understand ourselves and others, and the world around us. And, fundamentally, reading brings joy.



‘Europe and the world’ is the motto of the nationwide Reading Aloud Day 2020 in Germany. How can we present this? Clearly, with a fairy tale, read out in 13 languages. See for yourself and listen.


The Finnish Reading Center, our EURead member in Finland, visualizes virtual author visits.

Emmi Jäkkö, Development Manager at Lukukeskus in Helsinki:

“In April more than 400 author visits were canceled in Finland and authors lost more than 100.000 € income just during those first months. We had to find another solution. Luckily we had tested virtual visits before, and were able to modify visits quickly. 2019 we arranged 7 virtual author visits, this year around 500. It feels like audiences and organizers have now found this new way of communicating with authors. ”


Our Bulgarian EURead member,  Detski Knigi, presents the following link to an interesting video in Bulgarian – “How A Book Is Made”