Annual literary competition for children (Czech Republic)

Every January the Growing with the Book campaign invites children to compete on an interesting book-related theme, often connected with main theme of the Book World Prague fair.

Children are divided into three age groups and given the task of writing on a given subject and in a given extent to demonstrate their writing skills, their ability to work with books, and to relate to literature. The prizegiving ceremony for the winning works is held at the BookWorld Prague fair.

2013: My choice – Print Books vs. E-books. The children wrote about their preferences in the form of blog posting according to theme related with Book World Prague fair: Blogger as Writer, Writer as Blogger.

2012: Comics are Fun!
There were 1,730 entries into the competition – proof that children are truly interested in comics.

2011: The Tale of the One Thousand and Second Night or the Literature of the Arab World. How could one thousand and second night of Scheherazade and king Shahryār look like? The children wrote their tales and imaginations.

2010: Although we live in different countries, books bring us together or literature and bringing cultures closer to one another. The children wrote about novels that helped them to get to know foreign countries, people and cultures and recommended to their imaginary friends abroad a book from the Czech Republic that would help them to learn more about us.

2009: Thank you for this book! Which author would be delighted to receive a thank-you letter from a child for whom his/her book is a great favourite, who recommends it to friends?
My book Number One. Readers’ competition for the most popular book with children and young people

2008: This book is the one. Reading groups, all of whose members (at least three) had read the same book, submitted in writing the reasons why they liked it, and selected a passage that may captivate others and thus convince them that “this book is the one”.

2007: My literary hero. This year’s competition showed us ways and means by which children are influenced by their literary heroes.

2006: Read this! Children wrote defences of their favourite books with the aim of convincing their friends to read them too.
An advertising slogan in support of book-reading. Children proposed an amusing slogan for the promotion of book-reading.

This project is run by Svět Knihy (Czech Republic).