Volunteer Readers (Germany)

Combining STEM and Language

What happens during a volcanic eruption? Why does a tiny rock sink, but a huge ship float? Many technical or scientific phenomena can be explained or described by exciting stories that are fun for kids and adults alike. This goal – to learn about STEM subjects while reading – is being supported by a partnership between Deutsche Telekom Stiftung and Stiftung Lesen (German Reading Foundation).

Together, the foundations are searching for volunteer readers to help kids in day-care and elementary-school age improve their language skills and simultaneously learn about science, technology and mathematics. Prospective volunteers can sign up by contacting Netzwerk Vorlesen der Stiftung Lesen, a network operated by Stiftung Lesen. The two foundations train volunteer readers in advance and supply them with reading and media tips. Volunteer readers are being recruited as part of Deutsche Telekom Stiftung´s international activities.

Please find media and action tips for STEM volunteer readers here and on our YouTube channel. Please choose English subtitles.