15 Steps Towards Reading (Austria)

As part of its campaign for elementary and primary education and network projects, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women’s Affairs and the Buchklub developed the programme ’15 Steps towards Reading’ (Flyer 15 Steps towards Reading):

During the school year 2015/2016, Kindergarten children visited their network schools and experienced a playful approach to stories together with elementary school children, and trained their basic pre-reading competencies.
Each participating child at more than 70 network schools and their network kindergartens received one copy of the Buchklub’s mini-PHILIPP, a book with exciting stories for reading together and hands-on exercises. Each participating elementary school and each kindergarten also received the handout “15 Steps towards Reading”, introducing work stations with games and exercises for the visual, auditory and haptic skills, and a picture book package.

This project was run by Buchklub der Jugend (Austria).