Book Start: Books for Babies (Switzerland)

Bookstart is a nationwide project for early language education launched in 2008. Bookstart promotes the first encounter of children with books. The target group of Bookstart are children between 0 and 3 years old and their parents and adult caregivers.

Children who grow up with books from the very beginning have an advantage. They experience early on how much fun pictures and books can be and take the joy of reading and learning with them for life. With a book gift including two board books as well as multilingual information for parents an caregivers, Bookstart encourages parents to actively communicate with their child from the very first moment and to familiarize him or her with picture books from about six months of age.

The book gift is being distributed via libraries, healthcare personnel, pediatricians and others to families. Libraries offer regular Bookstart sessions for families.

Bibliomedia Switzerland and the Swiss Institute for Children’s and Youth Media, supported by various project partners and sponsors, are jointly committed to this goal.

Further information at: (German), (French), (Italian)