Ricochet (http://www.ricochet-jeunes.org/) is a free reference platform and online magazine dedicated to francophone children and youth literature.

The platform lists a significant portion of the current francophone editorial production for children and young readers published by all sorts of publishing houses from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Quebec and francophone countries of Africa. About a third of the featured books are reviewed by independent critics, who highlight works that particularly caught their attention by adding them to the “sélection des rédacteurs”.

Ricochet is also a great research database. In addition to the usual research tools, the platform offers its own key words and a recommended age for each book.

In short, Ricochet offers:

  • Over 2,500 referenced books per year
  • New book reviews every day
  • Information on authors, illustrators and publishers
  • Interviews, essays and videos every week
  • Tips on events for children’s and youth literature

The platform was launched in 1998 by the International Center for Studies in Youth Literature (CIELJ) and was later handed over to the Swiss Institute for Children’s and Youth Media (ISJM), which manages it since 2010.