Take action

International studies reveal that reading aloud has a positive effect on intelligence, school grades and personal development such as empathy and social skills. Only 15 minutes of reading aloud every day makes a huge difference. To raise awareness for this simple but vital approach, parents, institutions, such as kindergartens and schools, multipliers and politicians need to be aware of the importance of reading aloud and for pleasure for the education and personal development of children.

EURead recommends that the importance of early childhood education and literacy needs to be even better appreciated in Europe. Therefore, EURead is planning a Europe-wide reading aloud and for pleasure campaign across Europe. In addition, a major reading aloud or for pleasure event is planned with all relevant political stakeholders of the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament involved. Participating in this campaign is necessary to raise awareness of the importance of reading aloud and to show by example how easy it is for every citizen of society to take part in making Europe literate.