Words Matter (Finland)

One of our literacy and reading campaigns encourages vocational school students to read. Sanat haltuun (‘Words matter!’) campaign is funded by UPM and implemented by the Finnish Reading Centre. The aim of the campaign is to find hands-on solutions to support literacy among vocational students. The methods vary from workshops to author visits.

Fluency in reading, the ability to find essential information as well as the skill to evaluate the information critically are important in all occupational groups. The campaign targets especially tech sector students, the majority of whom are male. As number of boys and young men do not find reading motivating, the aim of the project is to introduce new ways of reading and to boost reading enthusiasm. Bringing up the benefits of fluent literacy is one of the key targets. Lifelong learning is part of working life, and can be hard for those, who struggle with reading. Improving reading skills helps the students in their professional development.

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