The lubimyczytać.pl Books of the Year (Poland)

The lubimyczytać.pl Books of the Year was first launched in 2016. The idea behind it is simple. All book fans can choose their picks for a Book of the Year by popular vote. What started as a simple concept has turned into the biggest book competition in Poland. The readers’ response has been overwhelming in the last four editions – more than 400 000 votes were cast.


Every reader in Poland gets to be a member of the jury! Not only is the contest the biggest such event in Poland, but it is also the most democtaric one. Tens of thousands of readers decide which books get the prizes. This makes our Book of the Year contest something absolutely unique on European scale. – says Izabela Sadowska, Chairwoman of


Each user may vote on 12 different titles, one in each of the categories: Literature; Historical Fiction; Crime Fiction & Thriller; Romance & Contemporary Fiction; Non-Fiction Literature; Autobiography, Biography and Memoirs; Fantasy; Science Fiction; Horror; Young Adult Fiction; Young Adult Fantasy and Sci-Fi and, lastly, Children’s Literature. You may vote at


In previous years, all the nominated authors and publishers actively participated in the event by sharing and posting news about the contest, encouraging readers to vote for their favourite books. Even the most popular and videly acclaimed authors such as Neil Gaiman, Tess Gerritsen, E.L. James, Anne Rice joined the competition for the votes of Polish readers.